TIME Internet Transfer Owner

Reason of Transfer Owner

because no other choice than the transfer owner is the only choice.
TIME internet Move out

Move out

Move to area without TIME internet
TIME internet transfer owner

Transfer Owner

Friend continue TIME Service

How to transfer ownership of TIME internet account?

How to request?

Submit your request via selfcare

Make payment

Pay ALL outstanding and PAY 1 month advance payment.

Effective date

The transfer of ownership will be processed 14 days

Registration link

He/she must submit the link within 7 days.

TIME internet landed house

Finally, TIME Broadband has available in some landed housing areas

Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Johor

TIME internet Bayen Lepas
TIME internet Landed Coverage
TIME internet Landed Coverage Penang

Have We Got You Covered?

Discover how you can continue use your TIME Internet service

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Saya sudah mahu pindah ke rumah teres, dan ada rakan rumah mahu sambung transfer owner dari saya, mana tahu sekarang TIME internet sudah ada di kawasan rumah teres. ini berita yang bagus sekali. 
time internet referral

Norhaliza Yusop

Saya hampir nak terima transfer owner dari kawan, mana tau lepas semak dengan Cik Angie dapat tahu sudah habis contract. Nasib baik tanyak dahulu, jadi saya dapat lebih bagus cadangan dan plan yang berbaloi lagi.

Let’s move on the way of Transfer Owner via the TIME internet

Step 1: Login via Self Care

Have you come to this selfcare login before?

TIME internet login

Step 2: Here the dashboard selects Manage Plan

Double-check of your contract first then select Manage Plan

TIME transfer ownership check coverage time

Step 3: Select Transfer Ownership

Here many option for you to select

TIME transfer ownership no contract internet malaysia

Step 4: New Owner info need

All outstanding amounts must be paid in full before submitting the Transfer Ownership request.
A one-month advance payment will be charged to avoid any disputes. This will be refunded once the Transfer of Ownership is successful.
If your nominee resides at a different address to yourself, a Relocation Request must be submitted and completed after requesting a Transfer of Ownership. Only one modification request will be allowed under any account at any one time.
A Transfer of Ownership request will be completed within 14 days from the date of submission by your nominee.

TIME transfer ownership time internet agent

Step 5: Update your info

Make sure is correct!

TIME transfer ownership home broadband promotion

Step 6: Here is the confirmation

 Double-check all ok to process?

transfer owner of TIME internet

Step 7: Advance payment

Pay ALL outstanding payment and PAY 1 month advance payment.

TIME transfer ownership wifi plans unlimited for home

Frequently Asked Questions

New Owner to pay any advance payment?
No , unless the new owner is a foreigner.
Foreigner deposit RM500.(charged upfront)
Do I have to hand over my Modem/Router to the new owner after transfer owner?
Yes you will need to do so. We do not provide new equipment for Transfer Ownership and Relocation.

If your devices are misplaced or damaged do alert us for the next course of action

Is there charges for transferring ownership ?
Transferring ownership is free
New owner staying at a different location.
If the new owner will be residing at a different location, they will need to initiate a relocation request through Self Care once the ownership transfer is done
Will the contract be extended if I transfer the account to another person?
No, the contract will remain unchanged. There will be no extensions or modifications.

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TIME Broadband Relocation
TIME internet change rate plan

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