Want Terminate Service?

Hold on first, take a look.

Must Be A Reason Why You Want To Terminate TIME Internet Service

Before we go to terminate the service maybe still have a U-turn to see how we can help you. 👌 

Switching Providers

  • Poor network quality
  • Limited Offering
  • Uncompetitive Pricing
  • Poor after-sales support
  • Others


  • Where are you moving to?
  • Out of TIME internet coverage
  • Out of country
  • Within TIME Coverage

End of Contract

  • Others
  • Better Promotion for New Sign Up

We do our best to understand first before moving on to the process of terminating the service

Not sure just ask us, our dedicated teams are always on standby to serve you. Don’t worry it is free, no charge.

terminate time internet service


Makcik ni mahu pindah ke rumah teres, tapi masih ada contract jadi kenal penalty fee, nasib baik ni Ms Angie tolong saya dapat cari alamat yang mahu pindah. Jadi tak kena penalty fee lo, hanyak buat relocation sahaja.
terminate time internet service


My contract has been ended and poor service, no more nego of continuing the TIME service. But after being served by Ms. Angie the offer was so attractive then re-apply and continue again. Don’t talk with her she offers super attractive.
terminate time internet service


I recently moved to a new location and planned to cancel my current internet service. However, a friend recommended Ms. Angie, who informed me that TIME Internet is available at my new address, despite it being a landed property.

Have We Got You Covered?

Still, Want to Cancel TIME Internet Service? Here Step by step as 1, 2, 3

If there’s really no turning back, please process as the guide.

Step 1: Login to Selfcare

Still, remember your password to log in this Selfcare?

TIME internet login

Step 2: Check Contract First and click Manage Plan

This example still under contract then the penalty fee is RM500 or more

TIME transfer ownership check coverage time

Step 3: Select the Terminate Service Button

U may call us 1800181818 to guide you via phone call

TIME transfer ownership no contract internet malaysia

Step 4: Double-check the information

Anyway, the termination needs 30 days’ notice u can select the date which is the last day of service.

Terminate TIME internet

Step 5: Update the Bank Detail

Incase you overpay then TIME can refund the balance to your bank account, that is the reason why need your bank detail.

Terminate TIME internet

Step 6: Double-confirm of your request

Is the information all correct to process, Are you sure? Then click submit to the process.

Terminate TIME internet

Step 7: TIME has received your request

Until that day your service will not serviceable

Terminate TIME internet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel TIME services?
If there’s really no turning back, please submit your request to us.
TIME requires a notice period of a maximum of 30 working days before your next bill cycle.
When will I get my final bill?
The final bill will be prorated/calculated till the termination date.
Is there a penalty for no TIME coverage at my new location?
We regret to inform you that we are unable to waive the penalty as the 24-month contract is specific to the current location.
Is it possible to temporarily pause services and resume them at a later time?
Unfortunately, we do not provide the option to temporarily suspend services, as there is a monthly commitment in place.
Is device return required after service termination?
No, you will not be required to return the devices after termination. The devices belong to you.
What happens to my foreigner deposit?
Foreigner deposit (if any) will be used to offset the outstanding after service cancellation. The balance amount will be refunded to you within 90 days.
TIME Business Broadband

Finally, TIME Broadband has available in some landed housing areas

Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Johor

TIME internet Bayen Lepas
TIME internet Landed Coverage
TIME internet Landed Coverage Penang

What you’re searching for, I’ve prepared in advance

Save Time with TIME Internet: Find What You Need with Advanced Preparation

TIME internet Transfer Ownership
TIME Broadband Relocation
TIME internet change rate plan

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