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You want Change Plan?

TIME allows you to change plan as you want, refer to below for more detail.
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Change Plan from Here Step by step as 1, 2, 3

Hopefully this guide will help you

Step 1: Login to Selfcare

Still, remember your password to log in this Selfcare?

TIME internet login

Step 2: Here the dashboard selects Manage Plan

Double-check your contract first then select Manage Plan

TIME transfer ownership check coverage time

Step 3: Change Broadband Plan

TIME have the plan you LOVE

TIME transfer ownership no contract internet malaysia

Step 4: Select the plan you want to downgrade

Since you want to downgrade then Select 100Mbps

change plan of time internet

Step 5: You will seen this

TIME has received your request to downgrade to 100Mbps

6 month internet

Are there any charges for upgrading or downgrading my plan?

There are no penalty charges for plan modifications, but any discounts you may currently be enjoying will not be carried over to your new plan.

Plan Modification Upgrade Downgrade
Contract Within Contract Term / After Contract Expiry Within Contract Term After Contract Expiry
Router Options Upgrade with free router Upgrade without free router Downgrade with free router Downgrade without free router Downgrade with free router Downgrade without free router
What happens? 24 months contract reset No contract reset Not offered 12/24 months contract reset Not offered No contract reset
No Penalty No Penalty No Penalty No Penalty

Note: The free router option for any plan upgrade is only available to subscriptions of at least 12 months. No downgrade is allowed within the first 6 months of your contract tenure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long to process my change of plan request?
The request will be processed within 7 working days.
Will there be any penalty charged for upgrades and downgrades?
Downgrading : Contract will be extended for 24 months if your service is still within the initial contract period.

If you are not in a contact then there is NO additional contract

Upgrading  : Contract will be extended for 24 months ONLY if you opt for free router.

When is the new charges effective from?
The new charges will take effect once the request is processed

TIME internet bill upgrade

Can I still redeem my free router (if any) I downgrade my plan?
If you are eligible for free router with 24 months contract renewal, please REDEEM FIRST before downgrading your plan. Otherwise, the option will be forfeited.
Will my 24 months contract get extended if I upgraded from 100Mbps to 500Mbps before my contract ends
Our plans either come with a 24-month contract, or have no lock-in contract period.
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Finally, TIME Broadband has available in some landed housing areas

Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, N. Sembilan, Johor

TIME internet Bayen Lepas
TIME internet Landed Coverage
TIME internet Landed Coverage Penang

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